General Hidden Pond and Campsite Rules

Payments and Fees

  1. When is my final payment due on my site

    All campsites rent must be paid in full before camping can begin in May of the current year.

  2. Where should I mail my payment

    All payments should be mailed to :

    David Boucher

    389 Grassville Road

    Brant Lake N.Y. 12815

  3. How often will my electric meter be read

    Electric meters will be read twice a year:

    1st meter reading will be at the end of July and billed by August 15 with payment due on August 3p

    2nd meter reading will be at the close of the season and due by November 30

  4. What is the fee for Guests

    Each Campsite is allowed 4 people per site for the seasonal fee unless otherwise designated due to immediate family size. If you have guests for the day, there is a $5.00 fee and your your guest must register at the office and sign in.

    Overnight Guests - as previously stated, any campsite who have guests that number over the allotted family size of that campsite are required to pay $5.00 per person per night.

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General Hidden Pond and Campsite Rules

  1. Does Hidden Pond have a quiet time

    Quiet time at Hidden Pond will be from 10PM to 8AM the next day.

  2. Can I use Blue Tarps

    No blue Tarps are allowed anytime

  3. Can I build a deck

    There will be no building projects started until they are approved by the Bouchers.

    You are allowed 2 decks on your site- one for an attached porch or an out building. Please see rules and regulations for more details.

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